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The headquarters of a company can represent an added benefit, as is the case for Neupharma; the beauty and strategic nature of the Romagna area, the notable artistic and culinary heritage enhance the high quality of life and also contribute in guaranteeing high standards of well-being in the working and production environments.

Imola is a town of 70,000 inhabitants in the province of Bologna, nestled in a globally renowned not-to-be-missed area for its museums, the wide range of artistic experiences and high-quality artisanship, technological and commercial fields. 

Known in the world for its adrenaline-fuelled circuit Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola is also home to the Montecatone Institute, a highly specialised Rehabilitation Hospital and national landmark, as well as many other sites of historical interest, such as the legendary and monumental Ospedale Psichiatrico dell’Osservanza (old town madhouse) and its majestic fortress, the Rocca Sforzesca.
 This castle, built in the fifteenth century, was strengthened during the domain of Cesare Borgia with the contribution of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci, who, on that occasion, designed the first and oldest city plan preserved today (image on the side).

The high-quality features are not limited to the ones above: in fact, hundreds of music talents from all over the world come to Imola to perfect their technique at the non-profit foundation Fondazione Accademia Internazionale di Imola “Incontri col Maestro”, which issues university degrees and generates several thrilling music events around the city.
Not to mention the beauty and the prosperity of the naturalistic and culinary heritage of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines, which embrace the city from the south and from which summits your gaze can reach the sea on the clearer days.
 Unfortunately, everything we would like to tell you about our area would not fit on this page. Consider this an invitation to visit Imola and to enjoy a generous and unique territory like the love that binds us to this land.

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