Neupharma supports the non-profit organization “Imagine To Help”

Here, we introduce you “Project Eyes”, created by "Imagine to Help" to aid Masai community in Kenya

26 February 2024

During 2023, Neupharma got in touch with Imagine To Help Onlus and decided to join the projects that the non-profit organization carried on to concretely help Masai community in Kenya, by giving an economical donation.

In particular, Neupharma decided to endorse the “Project Eyes”, which arise to support lives of visually impaired people, affected from da cataract, in Masai community living in Kajiado County. 

The objective of the project is to remove cataract with surgery, in order to avoid blindness. Imagine To Help Onlus gives support by providing medical services and educating on health. 

The project is carried out through the collaboration between a team of Italian doctors, volunteers of the Organization, and an important local hospital. This collaboration allows to combine the medical skills and experience of Italian healthcare professionals with the knowledge of the local context and the resources of the local hospital, maximising available resources and ensuring that interventions are conducted effectively and safely for patients.

Imagine To Help Onlus is a non-profit association that, since 2014, is actively involved in the support and empowerment of Masai communities in Kenya. Through a series of targeted initiatives, the association is dedicated to improving the living conditions of this population through key interventions in the areas of drinking water, education and health.

We hope our contribute leads others to understand the values of the many activities promoted by Imagine To Help Onlus, joining them.



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