NEUPHARMA and PARI are launching the DM PARI Service

The new area of the website “DM PARI Service” is online and ready to be consulted

01 June 2020

The partnership between Neupharma and PARI can be considered the perfect combination of the proposal of pharmacological therapies for cystic fibrosis and the production of medical devices dedicated to high-tech respiratory treatment.

These six successful years, in which we established a profitable and excellent cooperation, are now crowned with the launch, starting on the 1st of June, of the new PARI BOY FAMILY 2.0 and at the same time, of the new DM PARI SERVICE in which clients will be able to discover all our devices.

We created a new, easy to use area of the website entirely devoted to the new medical devices catalogue, to facilitate the work of the active network of specialists which will require these medical devices. 

Using the SEARCH bar, you will be able to find the next generation device by simply entering the old code of the device you have.  For each medical device, there is a description field in which you will find packaging and technical characteristics; scrolling down the page you will find the related products and the link to our e-commerce partner Aiteca.

We invite you to visit the new DM PARI SERVICE area to discover all the news of the PARI FAMILY BOY 2.0.

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