Neupharma and #MiFidoDiTe (“I trust you”)

Neupharma Srl will sponsor a summer leg of the “MiFidoDiTe” charity project during the Italian Open Water Tour 2021

13 May 2021

"For the first few kilometres of the tour, the sea was calm and my GPS watch vibrated each time I reached 500 metres. So I swam absorbed in scattered thoughts and swimming was automatic. My motto is to live "life to the fullest". 

With these words, Alessandro Mennella, frontman of the #MiFidoDiTe project, 36 years old from Savona, suffering from Usher Syndrome and therefore deaf and visually impaired from birth, describes the 7 km crossing in the open sea he fulfilled in 2019 during the Italian Open Water Tour.

In fact, MiFidoDiTe is the name of the undertaking that Alessandro and his swimming partner Marcella accomplished in 2019, tied to each other with a rope, thigh to thigh in the open sea with the aim of raising funds for research on this rare and devastating disease.

Neupharma will sponsor a step of Alessandro's undertaking who decided to swim again this year with his swimming partner Marcella and in collaboration with Italian Open Water Tour and Rare Partners for 36 km, in chunks of 6 steps, to continue raising funds to allocate to this research.


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