Happy Birthday Neupharma!

Neupharma celebrates its 10th corporate anniversary with a new cover image

29 March 2022

Now more than ever we want the coming spring to be rebirth, flowering and improvement.

Neupharma was born in the spring of 10 years ago. We decided to celebrate this anniversary with a new graphic design that transmits to us, and to all those who visit this site, our hope for positivity.

The Tree that you can see is the iconography of the spirit of the small company that we are, with deep territorial and cultural roots, intensely concentrated in scientific research to find solutions that improve the lives of patients, alongside the medical specialist with a spirit of collaboration.

The colors and flowers represent each of the members of the Neupharma Team, an essential and precious part of the growth and well-being process of the company.

Happy spring to all of you and best wishes Neupharma!

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